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Surfing and Whales

Setting the Scene: Drinking (overpriced) Iced Coffee at the Hostel. I really love the music they`re playing here (e.g. Blame the Moon (Hazlett)), my view: 

I loved spending time in Hiriketiya. Why?

  • It`s such a small town, you literally don`t need your phone to contact people. You can just wander around and you`ll run into familiar faces every single time. My favorite encounter: After I`ve finished a smoothie bowl at the beach I ran into Chris. He was holding a puppy. OMG. So cute. 

  • Hiriketiya Beach is amazing for surfing. 

  • I loved the common area of our hostel (it had a pool table:)) 

  • There is a cool beach club. 

  • Playing Beachvolleyball during sunset every day. 

  • Next to Hiriketiya Beach there`s another beautiful beach called Dikiwella. 

  • Finding cute food places to eat Hoppers, Ice Cream and Smoothies. 

Yesterday, after having breakfast at a cute café next to the road (thanks Anna for the discovery), we walked back to Dikiwella Beach. It`s funny how you become really familiar with a place, even after only just two days. I knew my way around this little town by heart. Just after becoming familiar with the place, we decided to move on to the next one. That made me think of a quote I`ve read the other day: 

Die reinste Form des Wahnsinns ist es, alles beim Alten zu belassen und gleichzeitig zu hoffen, dass sich etwas ändert.“ (Albert Einstein) 

The book talked about how you can make your time pass slower. If you decide to try new things every day (even back at home, when you`re not traveling) you don`t get lost in the routines of your every day life. Of course, it`s easier done when you`re traveling. Even though time flies, the last two weeks feel like a month worth of memories… 

We`re in Mirissa now. As we walked into the hostel we ran into a few backpacker friends. It`s fun to reunite with people you`ve met in different places along the journey. 

This morning I got picked up at 6.15am to do a Whale Watching tour. The evening before the hostel guys told us that they hadn`t seen whales in four days and that the chance of seeing them was pretty low. We went anyways. After an hour of searching them we found a Fin Whale. I was in awe. It kept coming up to the surface at different places, expelling air through its blowhole. Truly magical.

Talk to you soon.

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