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Sunsets and Turtles  

Updated: Mar 8

Setting the scene: Colombo Beach Hostel, 09:23am, drinking coffee

Day 01-02, Mount Lavinia Colombo

When the plane touched down at Colombo Airport, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I guess I was too tired to feel nervous at that point. So I went through the visa control, got my backpack, got cash and a sim card. After a smooth taxi drive to the hostel, I sat down in the common area. All it took was one smile and the question „Can I sit with you guys?“ and I was included into a nice little group of people. I spend my first day getting sunburned at the beach, watching an anti-climatic sunset and playing an „empathy-game“ where we got to know each other better. 

On the second day I woke up with a lot of uncertainty. I hadn`t planned anything on my first day and struggled to come up with a plan. My idea was to go to Kandy with a train, however, I was a bit too scared to do it alone. That morning my friend Marco called me. He could relate to my situation because he is also traveling solo at the moment. Having someone to talk to made me feel much better.

After breakfast I joined Anna and Nathan to go to Colombo City. We had a fun time exploring the different areas, such as Pettha and the Fort. Whilst I was walking along the little shops, I experienced many unfamiliar smells. After three hours of walking we took the public bus back to Mount Lavinia. We`ve heard from other backpackers that you can go look at turtles at the beach a few Kilometers down from our hostel. So we took off and asked around for turtles. The locals directed us towards a welfare center for turtles. Apparently people, especially fishermen, bring them the unhatched eggs to breed. They also retrieve disabled or wounded sea turtles to heel them and give them a second chance at surviving in nature. 

All in all, I am very thankful for the friendly people I`ve met already. And I found someone who`s coming to Kandy with me. So let`s hope that train ride is not too shaky.

Talk to you soon. 

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