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Settling in

Setting the scene: Chilling on a terrace in Sigiriya, tired but motivated to write another post. (Fun fact: There's a radio here which only plays sad songs… e.g. right now I'm hearing „If I was your man“ from Bruno Mars)

Day 6, Sigiriya

After getting up at 4.30am we took a Tuk Tuk to get to Pidurangala Rock. As we reached the top, the sun was rising. *I wish I could insert a picture, but sadly I forgot to bring my camera.*

We spend the rest of the day getting to Dumbulla to visit the Cave Temple. 

As I was sitting on the bus back to Sigiriya I thought about how comfortable I already felt. Within the last six days I've slowly gotten to know some local customs… such as saying thank you in Sinhala („stutiyi“), knowing how to use public buses and being familiar with local foods like curry and kottu. I've also had some nice interactions with locals. E.g. our Tuk Tuk driver from Kandy who didn't enjoy studying English at school but then learned the language whilst watching movies like Sherlock Holmes. Or meeting another Tuk Tuk driver in Mount Lavinia who was fluent in German because he lived in Munich for nine years. Fun fact: Once he heared that I was from Basel, he asked me if I knew the „Messehalle“ - which, of course, I do. Lastly, today we met an upcoming Sri Lankan vlogger in Dumbulla who asked us to do a short interview with him. He showed us his YouTube channel and he seamed genuinely excited about this project. His idea is to create videos for tourists to show them the hidden gems of Sri Lanka out of a local's perspective. 

Anyhow… before dinner I went and watched the sunset from little Pidurangala Rock. I love the peacefulness of just sitting and staring into a sky painted in blue, grey and pink. I've noticed that the sun never really touches the horizon. Before the bright pink circle reaches the fields, it disappears into a fog. As the sun went away into the mist, I quickly grabbed my water bottle and climbed down to get to the hostel. Sadly you cannot stay and wait until the sunset is over, because you need to be home before it gets dark (which happens very fast after sunset). There are wild elephants in this area and it can be dangerous if you meet them in the dark.

One last thing: As I climbed down the little Pidurangala Rock, I saw a butterfly. We've been told that it is butterfly season at the moment. This might seam obvious, but I've noticed that they are much bigger than the ones we have in Switzerland. Every time I see one I stop and stare. They bring me joy. I guess now I get to enjoy real butterflies (reference to my first blog post…).

Ok, one veryyy last thing: I love the fact that I got to see both the sunrise and sunset today. I'll leave it at that. 

Talk to you soon. 

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