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Into the unknown

Setting the scene: Deck on the Hills Hostel, drinking black tea on the terrace 

Day 03-04, Kandy

Yesterday, Nathan and I took the train to Kandy. Once I found a seat, I tried to put my backpack up on the luggage rack. Since it was a very heavy backpack (around 11kg), I struggled to get it up there. Luckily, I got help from two people. Yes, it took three people to get that backpack up there. This incident showed me that even though you struggle, there might be kind people around to help you. Despite a language barrier...

After a few minutes the train ride began with a big jolt. I was filled with excitement, since this felt like the beginning of my journey. Into the unknown, I thought. As the train departed, I stared out of the window. Everything seemed interesting. I couldn`t help but smile. Usually, when I take a train in Switzerland, I always wear my headphones. But this time I wanted to experience everything: the sights, the smells and the sounds. After hours of going through flat landscapes like fields and small towns, the scenery started to become more hilly. Once we reached the Kandy train station, we took a Tuk Tuk to our hostel.

Today we did a Tuk Tuk tour through Kandy and its surroundings. Our first stop was the Nelligala Buddhist Temple. Since it was a Buddhist place, we had to take our shoes off. The warmth underneath my feet gave me an immediate feeling of comfort. I enjoyed the quiet atmosphere. Knowing that this place meant a lot to Buddhists made it special to me too. We spend the rest of the day visiting a tea plantation, passing along the banks of the river Mahawal, wandering through the Royal Botanical Garden and spotting sleeping bats all over town.

Tomorrow we`re off to Sigiriya. 

Talk to you soon. 

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