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I smiled and smiled 🌞

Two days ago, I decided to leave the mainland and visit the Langkawi island. After I dropped off my bags at the hostel I took my book and headed out for a walk. I got an instant feeling of happiness. I loved being back near the ocean. I loved being back in a small town. 

I really needed a quiet day so I decided to go for brunch. Google Maps lead me to a small place called Kellys Cafe. It was a nice little oasis of tasty food and jazz tunes. The place was fully booked, but they got me a seat at the bar. Which I think is really cool. I watched the staff place orders on the counter and yell out table numbers. After a while, I got my book out and finished reading it. Do you know that feeling, when you read a book and you can relate to certain traits / thoughts of the main character? Here`s something I could relate to:

My idea of a happy life contains so many contradictory desires that it is impossible to combine them. I want to dance more, love more, work more, see my friends more often, maybe take a painting class? Read more books, change the world, write, have time to listen to music, have more time for exercise, have time to relax, have time to feel good. (Maria Sveland)

There simply isn`t time to „do it all“. (I realize that this is a very privileged problem, yet here I am.) But it makes me wonder, what is a „happy“ life? Life consists of so many small moments, ups and downs, constant change. How would being happy be special if you felt it every minute of your life? What would happen if you had no other feeling to compare it to? Maybe it`s about the bigger picture. Maybe it`s about taking the time to ask yourself: Am I happy? Maybe it`s about making short-term decisions. For example: A few months ago I decided to go traveling. And right now, I am very happy about that decision. But this isn`t something I`ll do for the rest of my life. In a few months, something else might make more sense. The freedom lays within the possibility to decide again and again. 

Yesterday, I went on a boat tour through the UNESCO Global Geopark of Langkawi. As the boat was floating over a flat body of shimmering water, I smiled and smiled. Being on a boat is definitely happiness. 


Before coming to the Langkawi island, I spend a few days in Penang.

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