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Hello, Kuala Lumpur!

Two days ago, I left Sri Lanka and flew to Kuala Lumpur. I spend my last day in Sri Lanka getting to Negombo, spraying my clothes with anti-moscquito spray and writing down an itinerary for Malaysia. Yet, that day was a little overshadowed by my mixed feelings. Although I hadn`t even left the country, I already felt a little nostalgic about saying goodbye to those cute oceanside villages. And I had to part ways with my friends. The thought of entering a new country almost felt like I`d have to start anew. I wouldn`t know anyone, wouldn`t know how things worked. I guess the fact that I had caught a cold on my last day at the surf camp didn`t help. My energy level was quite low. But deep down I knew that once I got to Malaysia, I`d feel fine. Which happened to be true. Arriving in Kuala Lumpur was very exciting. At first, I was a little bit overwhelmed by the size of the airport. Once I saw that there was a direct train to the city center I was amazed. What an easy trip! The hostel was located next to a local food market. Getting to the hostel meant getting pulled into a stream of people, trying to buy pastries and savories. The hostels entrance was tiny, so you had to time your exit strategy accordingly. 3,2,1: squeeze through the pedestrians and walk up the tiny, steep stairs. The hostel had a „no shoes“ policy. With one backpack on my back and one in the front, I tried to balance myself whilst taking off my hiking boots. And done. After a quick check-in, I decided to go and explore the city. So I walked through air-conditioned malls, saw the monorail fly over the busy streets, went to my first 7-Eleven.

I wanted to go to bed early. Yet as I climbed up to my bunk bed, I met my roomies and we ended up talking for a bit. Four female solo travelers sharing a room. Lovely! The next morning I got up super early to go and visit the Batu Caves. My energy level was still a bit low, due to my blocked nose, so I decided to have a little rest at the hostel in the afternoon. It felt a little weird staying inside knowing that so many attractions were waiting to be explored. But just because you`re traveling, doesn`t mean you can never rest. After my nap, my roomies came back and we decided to go to a pub quiz together. We ended up winning two jugs of beer. Woho. But being the responsible person that I am, I didn`t drink a single drop of it because I was actually taking medicine against my cold. 

Funny side story: I went to the pharmacy to get tablets. The pharmacist had a hard time understanding me. First, she thought I wanted aloe vera cream against sunburn (I was pointing towards my nose, but excuse me, my nose does not look sunburned. But okay.) Then she sold me some pills. Stupidly, I did not check them. Once I left the pharmacy I read the package leaflet and it said the pills contained antihistamine. Which was not really what I needed. So I walked down the road and entered the next pharmacy to get pills against a cold. What have I learned? Always check the package leaflet before you buy something… Also: The pills worked - I`ve felt much better today. (:

Talk to you soon.  

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