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Heading South

Setting the scene: Chilling in the common area of The Lost Hostel, Hiriketiya, trying not to melt.

I really enjoyed being in Ella. It`s a small town surrounded by tea plantations at an elevation of approximately 1000 meters above sea level. The perfect location to do hikes. So on my last day I put on my hiking boots and walked from Ella to Ella Rock. Nathan and Connie joined me. We left quite late because we got stuck drinking coffee at a cute café in town. We started our hike at the train station and walked along the tracks. After a while we saw a sign pointing towards „Little Ravana Falls“. So we took a „little“ detour. This alternative path added another two hours to our hike, which is why, it took us 5 and a half instead of 3 and a half hours to complete the hike. Connie and I were singing German songs along the way which made the trip easier. She showed us a cool song from a German artist: „Good Vibrations“ (Flawless Issues). On the way back I gave my new hiking App another chance and luckily it worked. I found the fastest way back to Ella. We found shelter in a small restaurant in Ella just before a heavy rainfall hit the town.


After four days in Ella, we decided to go South. Since the direct bus to Hiriketiya got cancelled we had to take two different buses. The second bus was cramped with people. No chance of getting a seat there. But what I`ve noticed is that a lot of people, more so locals, start offering their seats to others after a while. The first time I declined the offer, but after standing for almost two hours I gladly accepted when a men offered me his seat. We arrived in Hiriketiya at around 4pm. Checked-in and went straight to the beach. Hiriketiya offers a small bay which is full of surfers. Nathan and I grabbed surfboards and went out to catch some waves. It made the tiring bus journey worthwhile. As we were surfing the sun was slowly setting behind the palm trees. After this beautiful surf session we grabbed dinner with Anna, Chris and Nathalie (yup, there`s another Nathalie haha). I think I`ll stay here for at least two more days. 

Talk to you soon.

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