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Full Moon

Setting the scene: I`m chilling at the surfcamp in Ahangama, the sun is setting, it`s currently raining. 

It`s full moon today, which is a  a religious holiday known as Poya in Sri Lanka. When I was living in Brighton, I tried to journal whenever there was a full moon. From a spiritual perspective, the full moon is supposed to help you reflect on your past lunar cycle. I just liked having a set time to journal and to be honest, a full moon is kind of magical, right? If you google „full moon journaling prompts“ there`s plenty of questions you can think about. So I decided to try and do that today. 

What is my most recurring feeling? What is the root of this feeling? 

  • This is a hard one. I experience a lot of feelings within one day here… some of them are contradictory… such as excited / calm or social / anti-social. But I`d say the most recurring feeling is being thankful. I am thankful for every moment, even the not so exciting ones. The root of this feeling is traveling through beautiful nature, meeting kind people and putting trust into myself throughout this journey.

What is one of my favorite memories from the past month? What do I appreciate most about that moment in time?

  • There are many. I could say it was when I shared a tuk tuk with four of my friends after a night at the club (yes, it`s possible to fit 5 people into the back of a tuk tuk). Or playing volleyball while the sun was setting in Hiriketiya. Ultimatly, I`d say it was when Trine and Silje drove Anna and me back to the hostel after a surf session in Welligama. It made me think of the movie „The Perks of being a Wallflower“. There`s a scene in which some friends drive around in a car one of them says: „And in this moment, I swear we are infinite“. A feeling of being young and unstoppable. 

  • I appreciate that I got to meet a handful of really cool people. Sharing joyful moments with them makes this trip a whole lot more fun. They also make me do / try things. For example: They discovered this cute little Sri Lankan restaurant which serves delicious Curries, Kotus and Hoppers.

I`ve learned a new word recently: "Machan". It means friend in both Sinhala and Tamil slang.

Talk to you soon.

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