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Enjoy the Butterflies 🦋

Setting the scene: Gate E67, Airport Zurich, waiting to board my flight. 

The decision to go traveling did not come easy to me. My fear of traveling - all by myself - kept me hesitant. Two days ago I questioned everything. Why on earth would I leave my comfortable life in Switzerland? In order to overcome this little «moment» I forced myself to think about all of the reasons why I booked the trip in the first place. 

It might sound funny, but a goal of mine is to have high self-confidence/self-esteem once I turn thirty. I firmly believe that taking this trip will help me get there. Here's why:

Overcoming fear gives me power. The power to do it again. The following picture portraits Piha Beach (New Zealand).

I took this picture when I was eighteen years old. At that time, I was solo traveling through New Zealand. Seven years later, as I am sitting at the gate, I look up to my eighteen-years-old-self. I know I can do this again. Over the years I have learned that you can improve your self-confidence through practice. So this adventure is another step in building self-confidence in doing things by myself.

An important ingredient for self-esteem, however, seems to be self-love. By going on this trip I allow myself to take some time «off». I give myself the gift of discovering the diversity of this earth. I allow myself to simply explore. In a way, I am showing up for myself and my desire to live this life to the fullest. Lastly, my fear of missing out on this adventure is bigger than my fear of the adventure itself.

«I am power»

On December the 31st, I filled a blank page with positive affirmations for 2024. The first sentence that I wrote down was: «I am power.» I guess now is the moment to believe in that affirmation.

As I am feeling both calm and nervous, I receive a text from a good friend: «Enjoy the Butterflies».

Talk to you soon. 

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